Year Seven, Level One: The Seven Harrys

In this level you’ll need a Regular Wizard, Digging Character, Dark Wizard, and Strong Character.

First Time

The three collectibles within this area are very easy to get, so I’ll start off with those. To get the Gryffindor Crest piece, straighten the three pictures on the walls: one near the door to the stairs, one you must put back on the wall, and one on the porch. Go out into the yard and use Lumos on the vine around the shed to save the Student In Peril. After he comes out, there will be some pieces on the ground; put them together into a wheelchair. There are three sprinklers on the ground to ride over and set off, and once you’ve done this, you’ll get the Ravenclaw Crest piece. Now you can go back inside and tip the three bottles on the windowsill for an ingredient. The second can be found after the vacuum is destroyed. For the third, use Reducto on the lock on the refrigerator. Drink the potion to move on.

Basically this part is just like the cauldron brewing sections of a level, but instead you’re finding the parts to Hagrid’s motorcycle. Go to the far left to find one piece in a bush, which can be removed by simply shaking it. Near the bike, fill the tank with water and connect the hose, then levitate the gutter up for a wheel. Finally, use Hagrid to pull the handle on the trash bin for the last piece. Place it on the bike and hop on.

Now, all you have to do is ride.

Quick Deluminator/Bag lesson: use Ron to transfer the light from the lamp by the door to the one by the fireplace, then use Hermione to dig a small plane out of her purse and exit the area.

Using Aguamenti on the small flames in this area is optional, but very helpful. During this entire wedding section of the level, Death Eaters will randomly show up. Just shoot them to make them go away. Start off the area by shooting the vase by the yellow balloon on the right and assembling the pieces into a cloud. Use the cloud to put out the large fire, then assemble the leftover wood into a cage. Shoot it to make a dove fly out. Shoot the Death Eater here, and then put out the flames on Hermione’s bag plate. Use the plate, then chip away the ice and place the sculpture over the flames to put them out. Assemble the wood pieces again and shoot the cage. Shoot the Death Eater, extinguish the flames, use Hermione’s plate, then fill up the tank with water. Build this last wood pile into a cage and shoot it for the Hufflepuff Crest piece. Have Ron use the Deluminator on the lantern hanging by this cage and move the light to the one on the cake to end the level.

Free Play

While looking for the parts to Hagrid’s motorcycle, use a Dark Wizard to open the garage and build the pieces into a rocket. Fill it with water using Aguamenti, then jump on the plunger for the Mad-Eye Moody character token. Shoot the fountain, use the dig spot, and put the gnome next to the others on the right for the Slytherin Crest piece.

At the wedding, clear away the blocks from the gift, then use Dark Magic on it and make an Apparition plate. Apparate to the other side and use the Spectrespecs for the Ron (Wedding) character token. The other character token, Hermione (Red Dress), can be found by having a strong character pull the handle on the keg by Hermione’s bag plate.


Apparition unlocks immediately, also giving you a Gold Brick. Go into the diner for a battle scene. You can flip up the table to use as a shield. Wait until one of them throws something at you, then throw it back and shoot them. They’ll switch places after getting hit each time, then once you’ve beaten them, you can follow the trail down the road and start the next level.


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