Year Six, Level Six: The Horcrux and the Hand

In this level you’ll need a Regular Wizard, Dark Wizard, Bag Character, Strong Character, and Deluminator Character.

First Time

Start off by using Dumbledore to Apparate across. Lift up the rock to make some stones appear and get to the other side. Use Diffindo on the wall to light the torch and get a ladder. Go forward a bit, use Lumos on the vines, and have Harry unlock the box. Follow the stairs down, put the correct pieces on the panels, and walk through the cave.

There are five purple rock-ish things throughout this area; using Wingardium Leviosa on each of them will give you the Gryffindor Crest piece. One is near the entrance on the side closest to the screen. Pull down the cord to make the bridge to get across, where you’ll find another. Go down the stairs and look to the left for a third, then go forward to find another on the opposite side. The final one is to the left of the bushes in the water. After collecting your crest piece, pull the bushes out and use Parseltongue on the puzzle. Use the broom on the four spots on the ground and copy the patterns to get a boat to ride to the next area.

Go to the top of this rocky area and have each character stand on one of the circles. Go down to the area that has now been unlocked, pick up the tank, and place it on the platform. Stand on the next two circles to unlock the next area. Place the final piece on the tank. Starting from here, this is probably one of the most difficult parts of the entire game. You must switch between Dumbledore and Harry, using Dumbledore to drink the water while Harry blasts away the zombies that are coming toward Dumbledore. It will definitely take a while to get the hang of, but once you’ve got it, it’s fairly easy to do.

Next up, you’re back at Hogwarts. Fill up the tank with Aguamenti, then head down the path toward Bellatrix and use Aguamenti to put out the flames. Put the handle onto the tank to put out the large flames. Head down this path where you’ll be able to rescue the Student In Peril by shooting the Death Eater that is torturing him in the foreground. Go down the rest of the path and duel Snape to end the level.

Free Play

After Apparating at the very start of the level, use a bag character on the pink plate. Empty it into the water and a fish will throw the Ravenclaw Crest piece out into the water for you to get. You can also get the Professor Dumbledore character token here by using a Dark Wizard to destroy the object on the wall near the cave entrance.

The Slytherin Crest piece can be obtained near the end of the second area. To the right of the Parseltongue puzzle is a large snake with an orange handle on it. Use a strong character to pull this handle to get the crest.

Use Dark Magic to destroy three rocks in this area, preferably before the zombies begin to attack. You can find one on the back wall and one in each of the areas that unlock after standing on the circles. Doing so will earn you the character token for Tom Riddle (Orphanage).

Use a strong character to pull the handle near Bellatrix for the Hagrid (Wedding) character token. Use a Deluminator character to carry the light between the two lamps, then move the lid off of the trash can for the Hufflepuff Crest piece.

Congratulations, you’ve finished Year Six: The Half-Blood Prince!


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