Year Six, Level Three: A Not So Merry Christmas

In this level you’ll need a Regular Wizard, Dark Wizard, Mechanic, Deluminator Character, Strong Character, Key Character, and Digging Character.

First Time

You’ll start off in the Weasleys’ garage, looking for clothes to put in the washing machine. While doing so, you can find the Ravenclaw Crest by shooting the four ducks in the area. There is one on either side of the long tables (coming toward the screen), one on the table in the middle, and one in the top right corner. Now, you can get to finding the clothes. Shoot the lock off the closet and remove the spider web to get the hat. The shirt is on the left table, near where the duck was. Have Arthur fix the vacuum on the table, then put the pieces together for the pants. Put them all into the washing machine to gain access to the next area.

Remus Lupin, as a werewolf, has the ability to dig and pull orange handles when transformed. Use these abilities to your advantage and dig up the orange handle to the left, then place it on the shed and pull. Put on the Spectrespecs and use them on the spot to the left to get a handle. Place it on the object next to the Spectrespecs dispenser and turn the handle for the Molly Weasley character token. Then, use the Spectrespecs on the area to the right to make a tank for the vehicle. Jump on it and use the hose to put out the larger flames. Go to Arthur and build a showerhead so he can get out. Carry the wheel to the vehicle and have Arthur fix it, then drive it to the left and repair the machine here to save the Student In Peril. Take the vehicle to the other side and put out the flames here to move on.

Use Remus to dig up the spot, then use the shears to cut down the bushes. Go as far to the right as you can and dig up the spot here to get the character token for Tonks (Pink Coat). Use Lumos to remove the vines from the handle, then pull it. Go toward the Death Eaters to reach the final area.

Shoot the Death Eaters and throw back whatever Bellatrix tries to hit you with, then shoot her to make her lose a heart. Whenever Fernir Greyback shows up, you can either avoid his attacks, switch between two characters and shoot him while he attacks the other, or try to fight him using Remus. Continue this cycle until the end of the level.

Free Play

Use Dark Magic on the TV in the garage for the Slytherin Crest piece.

During the fire in the Weasleys’ yard, in the area where you rescue Arthur, use a digging character to fix the tunnel. Have a character use their pet to crawl through the tunnel and knock down the basketball, then put it through the net for the Hufflepuff Crest piece. Also, by using a Deluminator character to move the light between the lamps and ride the fan, you can earn the Bill Weasley (Wedding) character token.

After pulling the orange handle in the field, go around the corner and dig up the spot to get a Spectrespecs dispenser. Build the drain to get an Apparition point, then use it to reach the vault. Use Lumos on the vines and a key character to unlock the vault for the Gryffindor Crest piece.


The trail will take you to Charms class, where you’ll be learning Reducto. Destroy the four statues on the ground floor (you don’t have to destroy the pieces that come off of them; those are just for some extra coins), then use the staircase to reach the balcony and destroy the final statue. Now you’ve earned Reducto and a Gold Brick.

Now head to Dumbledore’s office, where you’ll see a short cutscene, then follow the trail to the next level.


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