Year Six, Level Four: Love Hurts

In this level you’ll need a Regular Wizard, Key Character, Digging Character, Strong Character, Dark Wizard, Weasley, Deluminator Character, and Mechanic.

First Time

Here you’ll be looking for three ingredients to make a potion. Turn the knobs on either side of the fireplace to get the first, then break the metal object on the table to get the second. The third is more complicated: there is a piece of sheet music on the table in the back; put it on the piano. Then fill the jug using Aguamenti and put the other sheet onto the piano. Play the piano to make the two people in the painting dance and throw you the final ingredient. Drink the potion to start a cutscene, then you’re back to the same place. There will be some pieces scattered on the ground; put them together and raise it up to bring down a chandelier. Use Reducto on it to smash a table and get a key, then use it to unlock the cabinet in the back of the room and browse through to save Ron.

A quick duel with Draco, then you’re onto the next part. He’ll hide in a stall, while it’s your mission to get him out. First, fill up the boiler with Aguamenti. Use Pigwidgeon to go through the tunnel, then tilt the beam. Assemble the pieces, destroy the stall door on the right, and pull the handle to get Draco out. Duel him one more time to move on.

Now you’ll be in the Room of Requirement with Ginny, making yet another potion. Shoot the lock on the jumping cabinet for the first, use Diffindo on the wall to reach the second, and fill up the tank and have Arnold knock down the final one. Pull the handle to get through, then use Reducto on the silver object and use the pieces to knock down the Weasley box. Use Ginny to get the portable swamp, easily destroying the barriers ahead. Use the next Weasley box for a firework, which will knock down some pieces that can be built into a phonograph. The next barriers will turn into instruments and play music, then self-destruct, allowing you through. Use Aguamenti to open one side of the curtain, then use Diffindo on the red wall to make an anvil to open the other side and end the level.

Free Play

Turn the knobs on the fireplace, use Aguamenti on the fire, and use a digging character on the spot to get the character token for Ginny Weasley. Use Reducto on the object underneath the painting to reveal the vault. Use a key character to get the Ravenclaw Crest piece. Pull the orange handle on the chest by the piano and build the skeleton for the Professor Slughorn character token.

While Draco cowers in the bathroom stall, you should see an orange handle attached to the sinks. Pulling it will give you the Hufflepuff Crest piece. Use Dark Magic on the cart around the corner, by the tunnel, to save the Student In Peril. Behind this cart is a lamp; use a Deluminator character to move the light from this lamp to the one above the sinks near the orange handle to get the character token for Draco (Suit).

After pulling the handle at the start of the area, use a mechanic character to fix the case here. Next to the harp, after using the portable swamp, is another case, but this time you must put it together. Before moving on, use Dark Magic on the harp to put the person in the painting to sleep and get the Slytherin Crest piece. The final case is right after destroying the instruments; use Wingardium Leviosa to clean it and get the Gryffindor Crest piece.


Follow the trail, then use Aguamenti on the plant in the courtyard. Go into the Herbology classroom to start the next level.


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