Year Six, Level Two: Just Desserts

In this level you’ll need a Regular Wizard, Dark Wizard, Deluminator Character, Bag Character, Book Character, and Strong Character.

First Time

Go up the stairs nearby and shoot the duck on the wall, then shoot the cabinet and place the cup on the table. The second cup can be found in the keg to the left of Madam Rosmerta, Finally, shoot the panel in the doorway on the far right and place the cup with the others for the Gryffindor Crest piece. Pick up the duck and give it to the man in the painting on the left then place the handle on the keg. Give it to Slughorn to move on.

In the back of the room, there will be some coins shaped into an arrow. Shoot the table underneath them and assemble the pieces to make a sink. To the right of the table, use the boot to clear away the garbage from the table. Then use Wingardium Leviosa to clean the dishes and scrub the table.

Now you’ll be working with Luna. Remove the lamp from Hermione’s head. She’ll run to the plant; get her down by levitating the pumpkin onto it. Take the pot off the table and she’ll knock into Neville, causing two handles to fall. Put them on the curtain, then open it to exit the level.

Free Play

In the Three Broomsticks, use Aguamenti on the fire in the fireplace for the character token for Cormac (Suit). Use Dark Magic on the door up the stairs for a secret area. Jump on the couch for the Madam Rosmerta character token. Use the Deluminator to move the light between the two lamps, build the bricks into a pad, then use the bag Hermione’s bag to get the Ravenclaw Crest piece.

In Slughorn’s room, pull the handle to the left of the painting in the back of the room. Give the hat to the wizard in the painting for the Slytherin Crest piece.

Use Dark Magic on the door on the right during the party to gain access to a secret area. The Hufflepuff Crest piece can be found here by turning on the five lamps. Use a Book Character to open the bookcase and build the gargoyle for the Student In Peril. Use the plate on the ground and put the anvil on the curtain, then build a Spectrespecs dispenser. Use them to build a painting and turn it around for the Harry (Christmas) character token.


Follow Sir Nicholas to the Charms classroom, where you’ll be learning the spell Aguamenti. This spell can be used to fill tanks and put out small fires. Put out the small flames, then fill the tank nearby and use it to put out the larger flames. Use Hermione to solve the puzzle and carry the object over to the other tank. Fill up the tank and go up the stairs. Fill the tank here to put out the flames in the painting. The wizard will give you another tank to fill and water the flower. Use the key to unlock the box and save Professor Flitwick. Now you’ve unlocked Aguamenti and a Gold Brick.

Follow the trail onto the Hogwarts Express to start the next level.


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