Year Six, Level One: Out of Retirement

In this level you’ll need a Regular Wizard, Dark Wizard, Key Character, Mechanic, Bag Character, Weasley and Digging Character.

First Time

Start by going around the corner and using Lumos on the vine, then put the pieces together for an Apparition point. Use Dumbledore to Apparate across, break the lock, and shoot the lawnmower to the left of the orange handle to let Harry through. Open the garage door, then open the trunk and start collecting ingredients. Shoot the three barrels to the left of the garage door for the first, shoot and put back together the bird bath for the second, and turn on the sprinklers in the left corner for the third. Drink the potion and pull the orange handle to get inside Slughorn’s house.

Move the piano and put the handle on the door, then open it and go inside.

Have Slughorn use Reducto on the two pieces in the back for a picture. Fix the lamp and shoot the fireplace underneath for a broom, then sweep away the pieces to reveal a second picture. The last one can be found by putting the chandelier back onto the ceiling. Place each picture on the table to the left.

Now you’re back with Ron and Hermione. Go up to the scares and shoot the green discs flying around. Another character will lift the clown’s mouth while you shoot the target, granting access to the right side of this floor. Have Ron use the Weasley box and put the firework together, then go down to the first floor and put the lid on the case to open the door and end the level.

Free Play

To the right of Slughorn’s house is a hedge-framed alley. Use Dark Magic on the gate to get through, then put on the Spectrespecs and go to the first Apparition point where you’ll find some blocks to put together. Use the shears to cut the flowers from either side of the gate and shape the hedges into a gnome for the Ravenclaw Crest piece. To get the Slughorn (Pyjamas) character token, you must shoot five gnomes scattered throughout the first area. Some are simple and easy to reach, such as the one in front of the gate before turning the corner to Slughorn’s house, the one on the roof of the garage, and the one sitting by the post at the start of the level; others are more difficult, like the one in the alley where you get the Spectrespecs and the one found by using Dark Magic on the gate in Slughorn’s yard and opening the vault with a key. Use a Mechanic to repair the tractor on the far right by the Apparition point, then ride over the five patches of grass in Slughorn’s yard for the Gryffindor Crest piece. Use a Digging Character to dig up the patch in Slughorn’s yard, then use a Bag Character to use the plate and shoot the flower for the Milkman character token.

Use Dark Magic on the door in Slughorn’s house to open a secret area. Here the Slytherin Crest piece can be unlocked by using Aguamenti to fill the shower with water. You can also find the character token for Dumbledore (Cursed) by shooting the bathtub and shelf, then shooting the bubbles and putting the pieces together to build a toilet tank. The token will appear after flushing the toilet.

After shooting the green discs, use Dark Magic on the rocket to the left and use the Weasley box. Go to the right and climb up the wall using the Sticky Trainers. Use the Apparition plate and use Diffindo on the student in the box. Then put the box back together to unlock the Student In Peril. While you’re here, use Diffindo on the red wall and put the pieces together, then ride the object for the Hufflepuff Crest piece.


Hop on the Hogwarts Express and, once stopped, Luna will give you a lesson on Spectrespecs. Put them on and use them to build the armor and hammer to unlock them and earn a Gold Brick.

As always after learning a new lesson, you must put your skills to the test to open the gate. Use the Spectrespecs dispenser and assemble the pieces near the gate, then levitate the clock to make it open.

Follow the trail to the classroom corridor, put on the Spectrespecs, and build two weights to open the door and earn a Gold Brick.

Since this is Potions class, you’ll be searching for ingredients again. Match the wizards’ heads and bodies in the front of the room for the first ingredient. Put together the pieces in the lower left corner and put on the Spectrespecs, then use them in the lower right corner, shoot the fridge, and make the fire for the second ingredient. In the very back of the room you’ll find a Parselmouth puzzle; use Harry to solve this and add this final ingredient to unlock Draught of Living Death and earn another Gold Brick.

Follow the trail to the Grand Staircase. Put on the Spectrespecs and use them to build another section of stairs. Go up and use Diffindo to break the wall, then build a bell. Behind the wall is a Gold Brick and character token for Zacharias Smith. Shoot the bell for another staircase. Use Ron on the Weasley box and put the firework together for another section of stairs. Pull the two cords to make it up to Dumbledore’s office.

Now you’re in a flashback scene of young Dumbledore and Mrs. Cole. Keep heading forward, using Mrs. Cole whenever you need a vault unlocked. Switch to Dumbledore after letting him up, putting the piece on the boiler to make the fountain work. Put together these pieces to make a vault, use Mrs. Cole to unlock it, and go through the revolving door. Head up the stairs and put the pieces together using Dumbledore, then use Mrs. Cole on the vault to get across. Place the piece on the table here to allow Mrs. Cole through. Put together the remaining pieces and head through the door. Have Mrs. Cole open the vault at the top of the stairs and go through the door to unlock Slughorn vial and a Gold Brick.

Follow the trail outside. Use Focus to shoot the cloud on top of the student’s head, then shoot the gray rocks to the right and hand the spoon to the student to get the key and open the gate. Follow the trail to Hogsmeade and into the Three Broomsticks to start the next level.


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