Year Five, Level Four: Kreacher Discomforts

In this level you’ll need a Regular Wizard, Strong Character, Dark Wizard, Parselmouth, and Deluminator Character.

First Time

Shoot five wreaths on the wall for the Arthur Weasley character token. They aren’t hard to find, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding them. To your left there is a door; open it and put the pieces together into an oven. Take out the cake and the gnome will drop the door handle. Put it on the door, shoot the golden armor in front of the stairs, and then go upstairs.

Turn the blue and white plate at the bottom of the stairs here. Use Wingardium Leviosa on the three faces in the windows to access the stairs.

Have Harry use his Invisibility Cloak to sneak past Mrs. Black. Shoot the chest and put the pieces together for a rope, and pull it to close the curtain. Use Hermione on the bookcase for the handle in the room downstairs. Turn the blue and white plate above this bookcase before exiting.

Put the handle on the door and go inside.

Now you’re looking for some tiles. Knock over the vase in front of the painting, then use Sirius to dig and get one piece. Have Harry use Parseltongue on the right for another tile. Turn the blue and white plate above the clock to get the Ravenclaw Crest piece. Have Sirius activate the painting and use Reducto on the grate for another secret area. Use Diffindo on the wall and walk through the hole you’ve made. Use the gold key on the chest for the Hufflepuff Crest piece. Go to the other side and use Reducto on the wall, then shoot the spider to free the Student In Peril. Climb back up the ladder. Put the tiles on the piece of the wall, then open the chest and match these tiles to their colors on the wall to finish the level.

Free Play

In the first area, once you open the door, there is an orange handle to the left of the stairs. Use a Strong Character to pull this handle, then shoot the cabinet and put the Apparation plate together. Apparate to the other side, then shoot the box on the right and pick up the chicken. Apparate back and give it to Buckbeak for the Gryffindor Crest piece.

On the next floor, use Reducto on the lock to enter another area. Use the Deluminator on the lamp and carry it to the unlit lamp near the red wall. This will give you one piece. Break the silver dish on the other end of the table for another piece. To get the last piece, go outside of the room and have a Dark Wizard blow the lock off of the chest underneath the stairs. Pick up the spoon and give it to Molly in the secret room. Use Diffindo on the wall behind her, then use Parseltongue to get the last piece. This will give you the Slytherin Crest piece.

On the right of Mrs. Black’s portrait, use a Dark Wizard to destroy the object to get the Kreacher character token.

Use Aguamenti on the tank in the final area for the Sirius Black character token.


Follow the trail to the Room of Requirement. Here is where the other students will be learning Expecto Patronum. Shoot the Dementor in front of the fireplace. Switch to another character, then go to the right and use Lumos. Pull the handle to release another Dementor. Once this one is gone, switch to Ron and use the ball to fix the pet tunnel. Have him use Pigwidgeon to climb through and get the key, then use the key on the lock. Another Dementor will be released from this cabinet, which you must defeat. Have Hermione use the bookcase, then put the pieces together and jump on the object to get another Dementor. Use the final character to shoot two targets on either side of the front right window and put these pieces together, then open the box and destroy the Dementor. This lesson will give you the Patronus Charm and a Gold Brick.

Follow the trail to Hagrid’s hut to enter the Forbidden Forest. Use Crookshanks to dig up a watering can and water a flower. Shoot the flower, then have Hagrid pull the orange handle and shoot that flower. Shoot the other flowers and put the pieces together to make a fan and go down the trail.

Shoot the bushes and give Grawp the trumpet. Put these pieces together to make a box, then levitate the duck from the pond to the box. Ride it and get some more pieces to make an accordion. Play this to unlock Grawp Befriended and earn a Gold Brick.

Follow the trail, then open the box and give Snape the spoon to go into Snape’s memories. Put the pieces on the door then use the key to get through this door. Shoot the moving locker and follow Snape.

Dig up the spots on the ground, then use the scissors to cut down the branch. Duel Snape to exit the area and unlock Focus and a Gold Brick.

Follow the trail to the Great Hall to begin a scene with Fred and George. Use the Weasley box and assemble the pieces, then use the hammer to break down the gate. Move the plants in the center out of the way to reveal a cauldron. The ingredients for this potion are under the red object to the right, inside of the armor behind the cauldron, and inside of the flowerpot hanging to the left. Make a strength potion and pull the handle for another Weasley box. Use it to get a pair of Sticky Trainers, use them to climb the wall and remove the planks to find yet another Weasley box. Put the firework together to clear the path. Go to the right and have the character without the Sticky Trainers levitate the wall up for you. Climb it to reach a Gold Brick. Go forward to the final Weasley box and use the smaller box inside to build a swamp and exit the area. The character token for Arthur (Torn Suit) can be found in the closet on the right. Shoot the cabinet a little further up to the right and assemble the pieces to build a lamp. Place it on the wall and pull it down, then shoot the yellow box and carry the object to the table. Shoot the left cabinets and carry this object to the table. Destroy the cage on the left, then put that object on the table. This will unlock Weasley boxes during the levels and free play, and earn you another Gold Brick.

Follow Sir Nicholas to the courtyard to start the next level.


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