Year Five, Level Three: Focus!

In this level you will need a Regular Wizard, Strong Character, Weasley, and Dark Wizard.

First Time

You’ll start out in a memory in the park from the first level. Jump on the trampoline to reach the character token for Dudley’s Gang Member. Shoot the cloud above Dudley’s head to see that he wants a cake. Shoot the merry-go-round and the pieces around it, then put those pieces together to make a bulldozer. Use it to dig up the sandbox to get the cake. Before giving the cake to Dudley and exiting the area, use the bulldozer to dig up the spot near the seesaw and open the box for the Slytherin Crest piece.

Shoot the cloud above Molly’s head, then turn the handle on the closet door. Use the duster to remove the spiderweb from the painting and pick up the doorknob, then hand it to Molly and go inside to move on.

Now you’ll be in the Room of Requirement. Shoot Cho’s cloud, then destroy the four targets. A grate in the floor will open, revealing a final target. Shoot it to get the wand and hand it to Cho.

To get the Ravenclaw Crest piece, shoot the five scrolls that hang on the wall in this area. There is one near where you enter on the left wall, one further down on the left of a doorway, one in the next doorway on the right side, and one on each side of the following doorway. Shoot the cloud above Fudge’s head at the end of the hall, then go back and shoot the box to get what looks like a basketball hoop. Shoot the M on the opposite wall and put these objects together to make a net. Use it to catch a paper airplane, then give this to Fudge to move on.

In the final area, you’ll be outside of the Hogwarts Express. Shoot the cloud above Voldemort’s head to end the level.

Free Play

In the memory with Molly, use Reducto on the locks on the cabinet and have a Strong Character pull the handle for the Molly (Apron) character token.

In the Room of Requirement, shoot the six metal objects in the room for the Gryffindor Crest piece. They are as follows: two chandeliers hanging from the ceiling near the back of the room, one object on the wall directly to the left of the fireplace, one on the right wall behind Cho, one on the left wall near where you entered, and one directly opposite on the right wall. The Student In Peril is also in this area, and can be unlocked by using Aguamenti on the fire in the fireplace.

At the train station, there is a Weasley box on the left. Use it to get Sticky Trainers and use Wingardium Leviosa on the wall as far forward as you can go. Climb up to reach the character token for Snape (Underwear). Go near the area where the group of wizards is. On the left you will find some luggages scattered around a cart. Use a Dark Wizard to stack these luggages on the cart to get the Hufflepuff Crest piece.


Follow Sir Nicholas and use Lumos on the vines in the doorway when needed. Go into the Charms classroom, where you will be learning the spell Diffindo. Use this spell on the red wall in front of you for a Gold Brick. Put the pieces together to make a flower/fan. Shoot the red objects on either side of this wall to make a boat, then put the pieces together again to make a vacuum. Use Diffindo on the red wall here and build the escalator. Climb up and put the tunnel back together, then shoot the entrance and have Hermione use Crookshanks to crawl through. Use Diffindo on this final wall and make a fish to unlock the spell and earn another Gold Brick. Follow Sir Nicholas again, use Diffindo on the wall to enter the courtyard, then use Diffindo again to get to the train and start the next level.


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