Year Five, Level One: Dark Times

In this level you’ll need a Regular Wizard, Strong Character, Weasley, Digging Character, Dark Wizard, and Mechanic.

First Time

Harry’s spells are all missing at the start of the game, save for Wingardium Leviosa, so this level won’t be too difficult. First thing’s first, use Dudley to pull the handle on the merry-go-round to earn the character token for Dudley (Grey Top). Then, use Harry to levitate the bushes out of the way and switch to Dudley to pull the handle on the gate. Shoot the broken car and then pull the handle to destroy the car. Use the pieces to build a bridge to the next gate and pull the handle. Go forward and shoot the cart that sits above you to get some Lego pieces. You must arrange these into stairs on the purple plate in front of you (if you need help, around the corner there is some graffiti that shows exactly how they should fit– but since you most likely won’t get it perfect, just arrange them the best that you can and you should be able to climb up easily). Go into the tunnel to move on.

Dementors show up out of nowhere and won’t stop no matter how many you shoot, so just stand aside and let one of them get to Dudley to move on.

Now you’re flying along with some other wizards; you don’t have to do much here, but there is one collectible you should be aware of. The Ravenclaw Crest piece can be earned by shooting five buoys in the water (my strategy in order to get them all is to just repeatedly shoot until it hits something).

Now you’re working with Kingsley Shacklebolt to rescue the rest of the wizards. Kingsley has the spell Reducto, which you should first use to destroy the lock on the far right. Put the pieces together to get a hammer, then use this hammer to smash the roof of the gazebo and rescue the first wizard. Go to the opposite side of the park and put the two blades onto the tree to cut it down and rescue another wizard. Finally, put together the pieces of the cart to rescue the final wizard. They all will gather at the fountain in the center and each twist a statue on the side; once Kingsley and Harry twist the last two, Mad-Eye Moody will shoot out of the fountain. Pick up his staff, which lies nearby, and give it to him, then go up the stairs to Grimmauld Place.

In the Ministry of Magic, walk forward a bit and use Arthur to fix the sweeper and allow you to reach the other side. Spin the wheel on the fountain and put together the pieces, then fly the paper plane to gain access to the elevators.

Use Arthur to fix the broken elevator and find the wizard’s missing toad, then put the pieces together into a wheel. Put the wheel on the wall and turn it to end the level.

Free Play

To get the Hufflepuff Crest piece, shoot the sand castle in the sandbox to uncover a digging spot. Use a Digging Character to dig up the Weasley box, and a Weasley to put on the Sticky Trainers. Climb up the nearby wall where the piece waits at the top. In the nearby area where you destroy the car, use Diffindo on the red wall and build a tractor out of the pieces. To get the Slytherin Crest, you must use this tractor to run over five patches of grass: one next to the green slide in the playground, one behind the blue dumpster (right next to the red wall), one to the right of the bridge, one up the mini-hill by the graffiti, and one as far down as you can go in front of a chain-link fence. The Student In Peril is also in this area; where you build the bridge you should see a glowing red gate that you must use a Dark Wizard to destroy and free the student.

In the park with the fountain, use Aguamenti in the trash bin to the left to get the character token for Elphias Doge. Near the stairs lies a broken yellow sweeper; use Arthur Weasley to fix this, then pick up the five piles of trash that are scattered around the park: one directly in front of the sweeper, one on the path by the gazebo, two in front of the fountain, and one in the grass by the tree. Picking up all five trash piles will earn you the Gryffindor Crest piece.

The final collectible of the level is Arthur (Suit), and can be found in the Ministry of Magic by using a Dark Wizard on the elevator door.


To start the next level, just follow the ghost coins to the train station. Walk past the conductor to the blue box and use Wingardium Leviosa on the handle to get tickets, then hand them to the conductor and board the Hogwarts Express.

Follow the ghost coins to the gate, which closes and leaves you stuck outside. To the left of the black wagon is a flower with a wheel stuck inside; shoot the flower to get it out and put the wheel onto the wagon. The other wheel can be found up the mini hill; after attaching it, jump on and ride the wagon through the gate.

Keep following the coins to end up in the Gryffindor dorm; pick up the flowers by the fireplace and hand them to the girl, then raise the banner to get through.

This next trail will lead you to the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom, where you’ll be making a strength potion. The first ingredient can be obtained by collecting the shovel and giving it to Neville. The next one is hanging nearby in a spiderweb; use the broom to get it down. Finally, shoot the flying box near where you found the shovel for the final ingredient. Shooting the chest in the back will give you some Lego pieces, which you should put together to build a cauldron. Put all of the ingredients in and drink the potion, then go to the right and pull the handle. Put the pieces together to move on.

Your spell wheel will be visible after this, but D.A.D.A. Banned has just been unlocked, so only Wingardium Leviosa, Lumos, and the special abilities will be usable. Have Hermione or Ron use their pet to crawl through the tunnel to the right and push out the key, then put it into the lock to exit the classroom.

Follow the coins again, shoot the student who has stolen another student’s shovel, and levitate the block up to get outside.

Use Lumos on the vines by the doorway, and follow the trail all the way down to Hagrid’s hut. Use Lumos on the vines blocking the gate and make your way into the Forbidden Forest.

Go up the path and shoot the plant. Put the pieces together for a fishing pole; use it to catch a fish to feed the thestral. Hop across the rocks and shoot the plant, then levitate the Lego piece into the rock. Walk through the log and use the bouncy mushroom to bounce up. Use Wingardium Leviosa on the flower and climb up the leaves. Shoot the plants to get the food for the next thestral. Go back down the leaves and into the small river. Shoot the leaves and put the pieces into a bridge. Go across and shoot the plant near the tree, then use the branch to hit the bird and gain a fish. Give it to the thestral to end this area. This will give you a Gold Brick.

Follow the coin trail back to the castle and up to the Gryffindor dorms, where the next level will be started.


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