Achievements Guide

There are 36 achievements to earn while playing this game, if you’re playing on Xbox 360. Here are all of the achievements and how to get them.

Animagus: Unlock all Animagi (Sirius Black, Peter Pettigrew, Remus Lupin, Rita Skeeter). – 10 G

Arachnophobic: Defeat 20 spiders with Ron. This achievement is probably easiest to get in the level Follow The Spiders, where you can switch to Ron and kill as many spiders as you need. – 10 G

Back In Time: Automatically unlocked at the beginning of the level The Dementor’s Kiss, when Harry and Hermione use the Time Turner. – 10 G

The Bonus Level Is Yours: Collect all of the Gold Bricks. – 70 G

Boo!: Scare 20 students using a ghost character. – 10 G

Building Blocks: Complete all the Lego Builder tutorial levels. – 30 G

Chilled Out: Freeze 20 characters using Glacius. Glacius can be purchased along with the other spells in Diagon Alley. – 10 G

Crest Collector: Collect all of the House Crests in Year 1. – 30 G

Crest Fanatic: Collect all of the House Crests in Year 2. – 30 G

Dark Wizards: Buy every version of Voldemort (Quirrell, Tom Riddle, Voldemort). – 10 G

Defeating The Object: Defeat the mountain troll in the level Out Of The Dungeon, while playing as Quirrell. – 15 G

Ghostly Treasure: Collect 500 ghost studs. This achievement can only be unlocked before the Return To Hogwarts option is available. – 15 G

Good Dog: Defeat 20 enemies with Fang. This achievement is easiest to unlock during one of the levels when you’re in the Forbidden Forest, where you can use Fang to attack the bees. – 10 G

Head Boy: Complete Year Four Story Levels. – 50 G

Junior: Complete Year One Story Levels. – 50 G

Lumos Solem: Destroy 50 Devil’s Snare plants. – 15 G

Muggle Trouble: Defeat 10 enemies with a Muggle character. The easiest way to do this is to use Filch, since he can still use his lantern as a weapon instead of just rolling into enemies. – 15 G

Multiplier: Collect 10 million studs in one level. This achievement can be unlocked easily if you turn on all multipliers you have and play any level for any amount of time. – 10 G

Power Up!: Collect all of the Red Bricks. – 45 G

Prefect: Complete Year Three Story Levels. – 50 G

Quick Quidditch: Complete the level A Jinxed Broom in less than five minutes. – 15 G

Quidditch Team: Buy Harry (Quidditch), Fred (Quidditch), George (Quidditch), Oliver Wood, Alicia Spinnet, Angelina Johnson, and Katie Bell. – 10 G

Quiet Please!: Turn the sound and music down to 0 in the options menu whilst in the library in the level The Restricted Section. – 15 G

Quirrell Quandary: Defeat Quirrell in the Quirrell boss fight in the level Face Of The Enemy, using Voldemort. – 15 G

Role Reversal: Use Voldemort to kill Harry using Avada Kedavra in the graveyard area in the level The Dark Lord Returns. – 15 G

Senior: Complete Year Two Story Levels. – 50 G

Solid Snape: Hide in a barrel as Snape. – 15 G

Story Complete!: Complete the Story Levels in all four years. – 70 G

Stud Magnet: Get True Wizard in every level. – 30 G

Student Rescue: Rescue all Students In Peril. – 45 G

Teacher’s Pet: Complete all Story Lessons. – 70 G

The Ultimate Collector: Collect all of the House Crests in Year 4. – 30 G

Ultra Collector: Collect all of the House Crests in Year 3. – 30 G

Watch Out!: Knock over ten characters using a ride-able object. – 15 G

Wonderful Weasleys: Buy the entire Weasley family (Arthur Weasley, Molly Weasley, Percy Weasley, Fred Weasley, George Weasley, Ron Weasley, Ginny Weasley). – 10 G

You’re The Best: Complete the game to 100%. – 70 G


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