Year Three, Level Two: Hogsmeade

In this level you’ll need a Regular Wizard, Digging Character, Dark Wizard, and Strong Character.

First Time

Shoot the two spiderwebs in the corners of the doorway. Use Lumos on the vines and shoot the spiderweb on the wall. Kill the Cornish Pixies and put the platform onto its place. Jump on and put the other one on. Get to the middle and put them on the next blocks. Jump onto the first one and shoot the spiderweb below. Lift the weight onto its place, shoot the spidereweb below the other side of the bridge, and climb across the bridge, shooting the two spiderwebs in the back. Levitate the torches up to the vines to make platforms and jump across. There’s another spiderweb on the wall behind you. Use one of the twins to kill the Boggart, then pull the lever to get three items. Put the flowerpot in front of the first face, the cake in the middle, and the picture in front of the third to go forward. Shoot the two spiderwebs here for the Hufflepuff Crest piece.

Levitate the pink box to the pink spot on the scale to clear the doorway.

Use the torch to clear away the snow and put the pieces together to set the giant snowman on fire. Now shoot the owl by the candy store entrance to make it put some pieces into the snow. Do this for the other two owls (one is on the opposite side, at the bottom of the stairs; the other is at the very end on the left) and put the pieces together to make a little snowman. Destroy it for the Ravenclaw Crest piece. Now go forward to where the large snowman was, and go right.

Each time after Draco throws three regular snowballs at you, he’ll throw a bigger one that you can throw back at him. Do this three times, and then he’ll build a large machine to throw larger snowballs at you with. Throw them all back at him until he’s out of hearts.

To the left, shoot the small snowman to get the Student In Peril. Shoot the Christmas trees to get the student on the broom down. Put the dragon in the cage onto the sled to get the second broom. Fly that broom over to the giant snowball, then levitate the final broom over to the snowball. Stick all three onto the snowball to clear an entrance, and go inside to end the level.

Free Play

In the underground tunnels, after crossing the bridge there is a glowing red sphere. Use a Dark Wizard to destroy it and get the character token for Crabbe (Sweater).

Inside the candy store is a vending machine with a lock on it. Blow the lock off with Reducto and activate it to get the character token for Goyle (Sweater).

Outside of the candy store, use a Digging Character to dig the spot in the top left corner to reveal the Gryffindor Crest piece.

In the final area, shoot the wizard in the bottom left corner holding the character token. He’ll disappear to the bottom right corner; shoot him again there. Finally, he’ll go to the top right corner. Use Reducto to blow the lock off of the box and get the snake out to scare him away. You can then collect the token for Draco (Sweater). The Slytherin Crest piece is also in this area. After moving the giant snowball from the Three Broomsticks’ entrance, go over to it and have a Strong Character pull the chain to get it.


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