Year Three, Level One: News From Azkaban

In this level you’ll need a Regular Wizard, Dark Wizard, Digging Character, and Book Character.

First Time

At the start of this level, you’ll have to calm the Monster Book Of Monsters. It’ll be snapping around the floor, so avoid it by jumping onto the bed. Rotate the painting to distract it, and shoot the painting it runs to. Once the dresser spits it back out, try binding it (it won’t work) and hurry back to the bed. Repeat these steps twice more to finish this area.

Go to the right and shoot the small box. Then shoot the owl cage and levitate the flower up to the purple part on top of the train to stop the smoke. Shoot the box in between the next two benches, another to the left of the students sleeping on top of their suitcases, and a fourth in front of the glowing red chest. Shoot the plant on the left and put the speaker back on its stand to scare the students away. Open the two suitcases, put together the pieces, and carry the block the left to make a springboard. Jump up and go to the left, then jump down to clear an opening in the gate. Put the pieces together to make a cauldron. Go back to the suitcases and get the ingredient there. Jump on top of the train and go right for another ingredient. You can have Hermione go up and have Crookshanks dig the spot here to find another box. Destroy it for the Gryffindor Crest piece. Go back to the area with the cauldron and destroy the final box here for the Hufflepuff Crest piece. Shoot the yellow cage for the final ingredient, and put together the pieces inside of the black box to make a chain. Use the Strength Potion to be able to pull the chain and put the train together, and go inside.

Levitate the lollipops to the two students, then levitate the key out and put it into the lock.

First go to the left and use Expecto Patronum on the Dementor there. Go inside of the second room on the left and open the box to get a pickaxe. Use it to remove the barrier from in front of the next room. There, open the box on the ground and put all of the pieces together to make a cart. Put the boxes onto it, but don’t shoot it yet. Go past it and take care of the other Dementor, and then you can shoot the cart to open the door.

As you enter this area, there is a large green box on the ground. There is another on the opposite side of the next room. Shoot them both before taking care of the Dementor to the right. Move the boxes in front of the tunnel and jump on top of them, then jump forward to get the Ravenclaw Crest piece. Have Scabbers or Crookshanks climb through the tunnel. The door will now be unlocked; go inside and open the suitcase to get the key. Destroy the green box to the right and put the key in the lock to get another pickaxe. Use it to get rid of the barrier in front of the door to move on.

Have Hermione open the bookcase and put together the pieces to make a curtain so that Professor Lupin can get through. Use the pickaxe on the wall to free another curtain, put it on the next window, and shoot the green box. The final green box is a little bit more to the right, and shooting it will give you the Slytherin Crest piece. Get rid of the three Dementors a little bit more to the right to end the level.

Free Play

At the train station, have a Dark Wizard use Crucio on the box with the red glowing lock to the right. Opening the box will give you the character token for Stan Shunpike. Destroy the red glowing chest nearby with Crucio for Ernie Prang.

When you first get on the train, destroy the lock with Crucio to free the Student In Peril. The character token for Trolley Witch is also in that room, by the sink.


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