Year Two, Level Five: Follow The Spiders

In this level you’ll need a Regular Wizard, Digging Character, and Dark Wizard.

First Time

As with the other levels taking place in the forest, shoot the bees’ nest when the level starts. There are some brown mushrooms to the left; activate them before pulling the plantlike vehicle out of the ground. Ride the vehicle and jump out to reach the higher ledge, then activate the mushrooms there (one in the middle of the area, and one in the bottom right corner). Shoot the grass away to reveal pieces to make a cloud, and levitate it over the tree to build a ladder for the rest of the characters to climb up. Use Fang to dig in the spot underneath the tree, climb across, take care of the bees, and activate the mushrooms here (again there is two, one at the top and one at the bottom). Use Lumos on the vines to get the brooms out, fly across, and shoot the bees’ nest. Fly the rest of the way across to the other side and shoot the bees. Build the ramp into the water to help the other characters up. Activate the two mushrooms here and one to the right, then climb the ladder and go left to get the character token for Ron (Sweater). Now go right and shoot the bees’ nest, and activate the two mushrooms here for the Slytherin Crest piece. Take care of the Cornish Pixies to find a digging spot for Fang.

Once down, you’ll have to fight a bunch of spiders, including Aragog. The Student In Peril is to the right of Aragog; shoot him to free him from the web. To defeat Aragog, avoid the brown spiders until you see a black spider. Shoot it and toss it into the air to make Aragog lose a heart. Do this two more times to move on.

At this part, you’ll be driving and running from Aragog. There are five boxes in this area; two in the first part, two in the part after the cutscene where you jump off the cliff, and one in the final area. Run each of them over for the Gryffindor Crest piece.

Free Play

The Ravenclaw Crest piece can be found in the lake. Where you cross the lake on a broom, there is a silver gate to the left of the bees’ nest. Use Reducto on this gate and ride the frog through each of the checkpoints to get the piece. Not long after crossing the lake, you’ll see a glowing chest. Get a Dark Wizard to destroy it with Crucio to get the character token for Professor Sinistra.

While fighting Aragog, there is a glowing red sphere to the left. Destroy it with Crucio for the Hufflepuff Crest piece. To the right there is a locked chest. Use Reducto on the lock for the character token for Lucius Malfoy.


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