Year Two, Level Two: Dobby’s Plan

In this level you’ll need a Regular Wizard, Strong Character, Slytherin Student, Goblin, and Dark Wizard.

First Time

When the level starts, raise the two flags. Open the trapdoor and climb through. Open the box and hit the thing that comes out to drive the Bludger through the wall. Put together the pieces to make a springboard. Before bouncing up, go the whole way to the left and shoot the flag in a barrel. Then bounce up and shoot the second flag, and shoot Dobby to make him disappear. Use Hagrid to pull the chain and climb across, then shoot Dobby again. Use Immobilus on the two Cornish Pixies and then use Lumos to make the vines disappear. Put together the pieces on the ground to make a staircase, but before climbing up shoot the third flag in a barrel. The final barreled flag is to the right of the ladder that Dobby climbs up. Shooting it will give you the Ravenclaw Crest piece. Now climb up the ladder and raise the two flags to get the Hufflepuff Crest piece. Levitate the rock up to open the door.

Climb up the ladder and shoot Dobby. Use Hagrid to pull the chain, then stack the blocks on top of each other and climb up. Shoot the middle cupboard to release Dobby, then shoot him. Jump down and kill the two Cornish Pixies to make them drop the planks. Climb across and shoot the barrel, then use Wingardium Leviosa to levitate Dobby out. Hit him one last time.

You are now in the hospital area of Hogwarts. Use Madam Pomfrey to blow the lock off of the closet, then switch back to a student to put on earplugs and pot the Mandrake by destroying the glass. Take the flower off of the plant before potting it to get an ingredient for the potion. Levitate the skull onto the skeleton to get the arm for the potion. Jump on the bed to the left to get the character token for Dobby. Raise Draco’s bed and put together the pieces to destroy the lock on the door, then go through.

Brush away the spiderweb. When it reappears, brush it away again to get the spider ingredient for the potion. After putting it into the cauldron, the level will end.

Free Play

In the first area of the Quidditch match, go right before building the stairs. Use a Dark Wizard to open the chest using Crucio to get the character token for Draco (Quidditch).

In the second area of the Quidditch match, use Lumos Solem on the chest below the lockers. Then use Reducto on the lock to free the Student In Peril. Levitate the scroll onto the wall close by. Use a Slytherin Character to wave at the painting, then do the same on the other side (after you cross the bridge). They will give you the Slytherin Crest piece.

In the second room of the hospital area, use a Dark Wizard to blow the lock off of the drawer to get the character token for Madam Pomfrey. Use a Goblin to unlock the vault and get the Gryffindor Crest piece.


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